Muscle Gears Whey Protein - Strawberry
Muscle Gears Whey Protein - Strawberry
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Fresh Strawberry 100% Whey Protein (5lb)

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Muscle Gears 100% Strawberry Whey Protein is a specified blend of 100% pure whey isolate, instantized whey concentrate providing an extended protein profile and different absorption rate. This different absorption rate for our protein allows for an extended feeding time for your muscles, and a more complete amino acid pool for the working muscles.

Each scoop of 100% Whey Protein is packed with 24 grams of amino acid rich protein. 100% Whey Protein is the go to protein for most athletes and regular weekend warriors. With only 2g of carbs our protein is suitable for most diet plans.

Suggested use

Take 1-2 scoops daily with 6-8 ounces of cold water or your favorite beverage. For best results, take 1 scoop before and after workouts.

For a delicious alternative, try blending 1 scoop of Muscle Gears 100% Whey Protein and 6-8 oz. of nonfat milk (adding 8 grams of whole milk proteins to your daily diet) and 1/2 cup berries.

It is important to drink and additional 12-20 oz. of water within 1 hour after ingesting a protein drink to aid in digestion.


  • High quality multi-functional protein blend
  • Good meal replacement option
  • Great for low carb diets
  • Rich with essential amino acids
  • Great addition to your morning shake
  • Builds and repairs muscles and bones
  • Promotes and supports a healthy metabolism
  • Great taste & easy mixing
Available in 5 lb containers.