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Envy Lean Slimming Cream

Belly fat burner for men and women, anti-cellulite treatment cream, thermogenic weight loss, sagging skin prevention.

Burn fat while taking care of your body with this Extreme Weight Loss Stubborn Fat Burning Cream. Envy Lean Slimming Cream is specifically designed with only the best slimming ingredients to guarantee weight loss while also balancing the overall health of your skin. 

  • ADVANCED CELLULITE FIRMING FORMULA - Significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • PROMOTED EXTREME DEFINITION - Helps to sculpt Abs, Booty, Arms, Legs, Hips and Thighs
  • HEAT ACTIVATED THERMOGENESIS - Promotes circulation to fat cells & sweating which leads to rapid water loss in cells
  • Designed to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite when paired with a healthy diet and exercise


Use hand gloves while applying the product as it contains chili oil that might hurt other parts of the skin with direct contact. Only for external use, please do not eat or use on wounds.

If redness or swelling after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor if the feeling of warmth or redness or tingling along, marking the normal role of the product, usually the redness disappears 20-30 minutes later. 

Avoid direct contact with eyes, with accidental contact, wash thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.


At night time, after taking a shower, gently massage the abdomen or waist ring with cream, keep massaging until complete absorption. Also works after exercise.  

How does Envy Lean Slimming Cream Work?

Topical slimming creams do not magically make fat disappear from your body. They work through a variety of complex mechanisms that enhance your body’s ability to access regions of stubborn fat and burn it off for energy.

To upregulate the body’s fat burning mechanisms, topical fat burners typically address one or more of the following characteristics of the fat loss process:

  • Increases Critical Enzymes Involved In Fat Burning, Such As Desnutrin
  • Increases Blood Flow to the Area of the Body Where the Cream Is Applied, Promoting the Greater Supply of Fat-releasing Catecholamines like Noradrenaline (Norepinephrine)
  • Encourages Lipolysis (Release Of Stored Fatty Acids)
  • Increases cAMP, Which Leads to an Increased Fat Breakdown
  • Upregulating Uncoupling Protein (UCP-1) Activity to Increase Thermogenesis
  • Discouraging Cells from Storing Fat
  • Modulating Cortisol and Estrogen to Reduce Fat Storage in “Trouble” Areas
  • Decreases Water Retention and Bloating