Getting Started With Workouts

Candlelynn Turner Snell
Make a commitment to SHOW UP to your workouts

Its easy to say you want to start a workout program but you have to keep your word to yourself! You have to SHOW UP! Ready and prepared to put in the work.

Suggestions for getting started

It’s really important to have a WHY! Why do you want to be fit? Why are you making these changes in your life? Is this for a short term goal or a long lasting lifestyle change? It’s crucial to have a clear and realistic expectation for yourself and a GOAL to work toward.

I personally push myself to be the best possible role model I can be for my boys. I want them to live healthy lifestyles and I need to show them that it’s possible. Even as busy as I am I still make the time to train and prepare my food for the week to guarantee my success.

Finding a qualified trainer or fitness coach to guide you is also very important. It can be overwhelming to walk into a gym for the first time and try to navigate through the machines and equipment. So many people listen to bad advice and end up with disappointing results or an injury.

I had a trainer when I got my first real full time job and could afford it. He was handsome and fun to talk to but sadly he was not the most knowledgeable person and he gave me some bad advice and never corrected my form which lead to years of weird aches and pains and injuries. I later had a fantastic trainer that really showed me a lot about form and explained the way the exercises affected the muscles. He was the one that peaked my interest in training and opened my mind to new styles of training and inspired me to get certified. I’m thankful for that!

Diet: I’m on my SOAPBOX here. What you eat is CRUCIAL to your success. If you eat junk and processed foods you will not have the results you are hoping for. Putting in hours of exercise at the gym or at home and not eating the right foods is a huge disservice to yourself. Your trainer or a nutritionist can set up a meal plan for you that can be easy to follow. No excuse is valid… there are companies that will prepare and deliver your meals to your door to guarantee your success! I offer this service as part of my fitness business and it’s invaluable to my clients. Your health is an investment – the expense is well worth it.

Find a training partner: Stepping onto the weight floor at the gym can be a little intimidating.

Having a training partner or friend with you can make a difference. I had a training partner for 3 years and we helped one another train for 3 shows pushing the other to work harder and being there to spot when needed. It made such a difference for us both. We laughed through the pain and really became close friends. It was and is still a very important relationship in my life.

Set a schedule: If you schedule your workout sat the same time each day it does help you stay consistent. If you eliminate excuses you will have greater success.

Try something new: Trying a yoga class or a Zumba class could keep you from getting tired of doing the same workouts. Strength training is not enough to reach a level of being truly FIT.

Functional training is also a fantastic way to reach that level.

I love sandbag training (offset training) and some Crossfit elements adding to my cardio and weight training routine. I feel that adding yoga and some fun classes adds some social stimulation and fun! It’s really a great time in fitness… there are many cool and effective modalities and styles!

Cardio: I cannot stress how important cardio is.

Having endurance is often overlooked. I ask my clients to do cardio at least 4-5 days a week.

You can’t be FIT without it. I find cardio workouts help me mentally as well as physically. I love a good run with some great music to clear my mind or change my mood. I wake up grumpy and turn it around with an hour on the trail. Cardio workouts can be a brisk walk, a run, elliptical machine, stepper,cardio class, or swimming. Anything that gets your heart pumping and makes you SWEAT is good. Make it a priority and DO IT! Every damn day… just like Nike says LOL.

Sample Meal Plan and Training

Let’s look into a day in my life. A sample day for a fitness competitor.
  • Wake 4am
  • COFFEE!! Black with stevia
  • BCAA and thermogenic
  • Cardio (60 minutes)
  • Breakfast: eggs and gluten free oatsGet the boys ready and off to school – Yes, I’m a mom of two amazing boys.
  • Weight training:
  • Shoulders – 3 sets of military shoulder presses superset with 25 pound plate front raises and steering wheels.
  • Lateral raises – 4 giant sets
  • EZ Bar Upright Rows
  • Pushups – 4 sets of 30 and Abs (hanging and TRX Band exercises)
  • Snack: Protein shake
  • Shower
  • Work
  • Lunch: lean protein, dense carb and lots of greens
  • Work
  • Snack: rice cakes with peanut butter or avocado
  • Rest and social media marketing
  • Dinner: Protein and greens
  • Family time
  • BED – sleep is essential to your success.
With all of this being said, what I wish most for everyone is that they LOVE fitness just a fraction of the amount that I do. If I can motivate ONE person to find this lifestyle and really dive in with both feet and adopt it as a forever thing… I would feel successful!